Права человека. Практика Европейского Суда по правам человекаТHE HUMAN RIGHTS. CASE-LAW OF THE EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS JOURNAL is a monthly journal founded by the Council of Judges of the Russian Federation and International Union of Jurists; the first issue of the journal was published in April 2006. During the year of its existence the journal attained renown not only in Russia but abroad as well. Our readers comprise, inter alia, judges and staff members of the European Court of Human Rights.

The journal has become a discussion site for an exchange of opinions of all those, who are not indifferent to the issues of human rights protection in the context of implementation of the provisions of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights: the journal publishes articles by renowned Russian and foreign authors, which discuss essential issues of the activity of the European Court of Human Rights and of the protection of human rights in the European legal arena.

We familiarised our readers with biographies of all judges of the European Court. The journal publishes information materials about the structure and activity of the Council of Europe institutions directly related to the protection of human rights. We constantly keep our readers posted on the events in this realm expeditiously publishing the relevant press releases by the Council of Europe. Monthly statistics of cases proceeded with by the European Court is published as well.
In each issue of the journal, our readers find a monthly chronicle of judgments and decisions of the European Court in the applications against Russia published in the form of brief summary of relevant judgments and decisions. We also publish, on a regular basis, chronicle of judgments delivered by the Grand Chamber.

Most certainly, in each issue of the journal we publish translations of full texts of judgments and decisions delivered by the European Court in most interesting and essential cases, both in applications against Russia and other member States of the Council of Europe. All judgments by the Grand Chamber are published without exception. Starting from April 2007 translations of judgments and decisions by the European Court delivered with respect to member States of the Council of Europe other than Russia are published with the financial support of the Council of Europe.

It appears that it will not be an overstatement to suggest that the journal is a unique publication as regards its structure and the scope of information and topics covered; moreover, the journal seems to have no analogues in the member States of the Council of Europe. In that regard the journal is a reliable and rich source of essential information for Russian judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, advocates, human rights organisations and all individuals who need a reliable orientation in the complex set of issues of the human rights protection in the European legal arena.


Vitaly Portnov

Editor in Chief

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